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What is COASTHazar

Welcome to COASTHazar!

The Coastal Hazards, Risks, Climate Change Impacts, and Adaptation MSc, also known as COASTHazar, is a 2-year Erasmus Mundus joint master's programme spanning 120 EC* credits. Designed to attract top-tier students worldwide, aiming to cultivate highly skilled professionals capable of safeguarding societies against coastal hazards globally.


Operated in collaboration across three high education institutions:
Campus UC.jpg

University of Cantabria (UC)

IHE_Delft building_Westvest_7_Delft_LR.jpg

IHE Delft – Institute for Water Education


University of Algarve (UAlg)

The COASTHazar programme is dedicated to furnish students with cutting-edge knowledge, skills and competences. This includes the ability to:

Confront challenges posed by coastal hazards and associated risks,

Evaluate and address the impacts of increasing human activities and climate change in coastal regions,

Devise adaptation measures to mitigate these impacts.

 to meet challenges that coastal hazards and associated risks may pose,

to assess and tackle the impacts of increasing human activities and climate change in coastal areas,

to design adaptation measures to minimize those impacts,

The programme is organised in 4 semesters:

 The first semester in Santander, Spain
(at UC)

The second in Delft, the Netherlands
(at IHE Delft)

The third in Faro, Portugal (at UAlg)

The fourth semester will be at one of the three universities.

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