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How to apply: Applications can be completed by filling out the online application form and submitting all required documents through the IHE Delft website – follow the Application dropdown menu.


Required documents for your application:


  1. Photocopy(ies) of academic diploma(s), translated to English (if applicable), by a sworn translator;

  2. Certified academic transcript(s), translated to English (if applicable) by a sworn translator, showing the subjects followed by the applicant and respective marks and credit units obtained;

  3. Curriculum Vitae, including work experience and research record (if any);

  4. Answers to the online motivation questions on the application site; 

  5. English proficiency test results (see relevant notes for exempted countries); and

  6. Two recent letters of recommendation (not older than 1 year), either by two university teachers or by one university teacher and one employer, or by internationally recognised scientist(s), mentioning:

    • the academic and scientific qualifications and potential of the candidate with regard to the programme;

    • the professional qualifications and/or potential of the candidate; and

    • personal qualifications and/or potential of the candidate.


English proficiency test:

  • Applicants holding citizenship from specific countries (see here) are exempted from taking the English proficiency language test.

  • Applicants from countries where English is the preferred language in higher education, but are not included in the list of exempted countries, are still required to submit their English proficiency language test result.

  • If the English test results are not available at the time of the application it can still be uploaded until February 29, 2024 23:59. 

  • Detailed information about the English proficiency test can be found at IHE Delft here.


Application deadlines:


  • All deadline times follow the CET (central European time).

  • Full Erasmus Mundus scholarship applications:

    • January 8, 2024 23:59 – partner country applicants

    • February 15, 2024 23:50 – programme countries applicants

  • Erasmus Mundus reduced tuition fee scholarships applications:

    • January 8, 2024 23:59 – partner country applicants

    • February 15, 2024 23:50 – programme countries applicants

  • Self-funded candidates:

    • May 1, 2024 23:29 – if visa is needed

    • May 15, 2024 23:59 – if no visa is needed.

  • English proficiency test submission results:

    • February 29, 2024 23.59 – Erasmus Mundus Scholarship applicants (full and reduced tuition fee)

    • May 1/15, 2024 23:59 – self-funded applicants

  • Applications submitted after January 8 (partner countries) or February 15 (programme countries), 2024, will be considered solely for academic admission, without eligibility for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. However, if vacancies remain available, they may be considered for a reduced tuition fee scholarship. 

  • Reduced tuition fee Erasmus Mundus scholarship and full tuition fee self-funding applicants need to submit a confirmation of available funding for their respective own costs, substantiated by bank statements, by May 15, 2004 23:59.


Applications outcome

  • Upon successful submission of their application, applicants will immediately receive an automated email confirmation.

  • Full Erasmus Mundus and reduced tuition fee Erasmus Mundus scholarships applicants will receive notification of their application outcome during the third week of April 2024.

  • The final awarding of the scholarship will depend on the European Commission.

  • Self-paying applicants will receive notification of their application outcome within up to 4 weeks after the application deadline (May 15, 2024).


Application and admission timeline:


  • September 2023:

    • Applications open

  • January 2024:

    • Applications for Erasmus mundus scholarships (partner countries)

  • February 2024:

    • Applications for Erasmus mundus scholarships (programme countries)

    • Last deadline for English proficiency tests (partner and programme countries)

  • April 2024:

    • Outcome of the Erasmus Mundus scholarship selection

  • May 2024

    • Applications for self-paying applicants

    • Confirmation of available funding for own costs (Erasmus Mundus reduced tuition fee and self-paying applicants)

    • Outcome of the self-paying applicants


Relevant notes:

  • Authenticated or certified copies are copies stamped with an official seal to confirm their authenticity as true replicas of the original documents, and the official stamp is issued by one of the following authorities:

    • a solicitor/notary;

    • the educational institution from where the student gained the diplomas; or

    • the local council/local authority/local government office.

  • The official grading system used by the university or country, if this is not clearly outlined on the reverse side of the transcript.

  • Only PDF, word (doc) and JPEG files will be accepted, with a maximum file size of 2 MB per file.

  • If the BSc degree or equivalent higher education qualification has not yet been obtained at the time of application, the following documents should be added:

    • a statement from the university confirming the applicant's status as a final-year student, expected to graduate no later than August 15, in lieu of the graduation diploma, and

    • a transcript showing the subjects followed by the applicant and respective marks and credit units obtained so far.

  • No separate application procedure is required for Erasmus Mundus reduced tuition fee scholarships: during the application submission process, when asked how the studies will be funded, applicants should select that option additionally.

  • The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) manages the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s program and collects and processes personal data of certain candidates. Data of both scholarship and non-scholarship holders is shared with and handled by the Agency in accordance with the privacy statement outlined here.

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