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Admission Requirements and Selection


Admission requirement

B.Sc. degree or equivalent, corresponding to 180 European credit (EC) units in accordance with the European credit transfer and accumulation System (ECTS), with a commendable final mark: a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least B/B+ (US System) or a classification of at least 2nd upper (UK system), in:

  • Oceanography, Meteorology, Climate Sciences or equivalent;

  • Civil, Coastal or Environmental engineering, or equivalent;

  • or Other degree in the Earth Sciences or Engineering fields, with courses in areas or related subjects, such as Physics, Statistics, Fluid Dynamics or Mechanics, Hydraulics, and Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences).

Demonstrated proficiency in mathematics and physics, supported by the list of subjects taken during the bachelor or equivalent programme comprehensive list of subjects completed during the bachelor's or equivalent programme.

Proof or English proficiency: additional information at IHE Delft here

If the first degree of higher education has not been yet obtained at the time of the application, at least 120 EC of the programme must have been successfully completed at that time, the degree must be successfully obtained before August 15, and documents attesting the former and the latter need to be included in the application before the start of the programme.


Selection procedure


Applications to the COASTHazar Erasmus Mundus joint master’s are evaluated based on the selection criteria below, based on qualification points, which include the BSc (or equivalent) degree grade point average (GPA), relevant work experience, publications, programme related activities, social activities, etc.

The following scores will be given:

  • A maximum of 30 points for the overall grade of the previous degree (BSc equivalent) or the preliminary grade status at the time of application (minimum of 120 ECTS);

  • A maximum of 50 points for the marks of relevant study subjects during the previous degree, additional relevant academic or work experience inside and outside Europe, relevant extra-academic qualifications, and added value of a fellowship for the applicant and his career;

  • A maximum of 10 qualification points for the letter of motivation (statement of interest in the study programme), with the criteria for the evaluation of the letter of motivation being: specific reference of the study programme, a clear description of own qualifications and objectives, coherence of the intended career with the study programme, and congruence of the applicant’s motivation of study with the orientation of the study programme; 

  • A maximum of 10 qualification points for the two letters of recommendation, where the criteria for the evaluation of the letters of recommendation are: relevance of referee, reference to relevant scientific, professional and personal qualifications and potential of the candidates, particularly with regard to the study programme.

Applications from candidates who have already obtained an MSc degree in a related area from a renowned university will be carefully analysed.

Professional experience or other activities related to the COASTHazar programme content will be considered an asset.

​The selection committee, using the application materials, will compile a final list of applications, ranking candidates according to their qualifications. 

Selected candidates will be promptly informed of the outcome, soon after the selection process. Upon selection, they will be provided with a Student Agreement containing additional program details, which requires their signature.

In the event of a candidate withdrawing, the subsequent candidate on the list will be contacted.


Appeal procedure

  • Should applicants disagree with the selection committee's decision on academic admission and/or scholarship selection, and believe that the programme’s consortium has not adhered to the application and/or selection procedures, they have the option to file an app

  • The applicant's appeal should be communicated through a letter addressed to the program's coordinator, presenting well-substantiated arguments against the decision. This letter must be dispatched within seven days following the notification. The applicant may send the letter via email to

  • The appeal will be analysed by the selection committee and if justified, the application will be re-evaluated.

  • The applicant will receive notification of the final decision within fourteen days after the appeal is received.

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