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If you have indicated in your application that you can cover the cost of the programme by other means, you will be informed about the outcome within 4 weeks after you have submitted your application.


If you meet the academic admission requirements, but you have not been selected for a scholarship, you may still attend the programme if you are able to cover the cost of the programme by other means. Maximum 10 seats will be available and will be given to candidates whose financial confirmation has been received first.


Financial confirmation is needed before 15 May 2024 at the latest. However, with regard to long visa procedures for Spain, you are strongly advised to send your financial confirmation well in advance of that date. If you do not need a visa for Spain the deadline of application is 31 July 2024.

Cost of the programme

- Tuition fee is € 18,000.00 total for 2-year programme, to be paid to IHE Delft

Other costs:​​

  • Insurance: € 40 per month / € 960 total, to be paid to IHE Delft

  • Cost for visa, if applicable of around € 300

  • In addition, we estimate that a student may need on average € 1000
    – 1400 per month to cover costs of living and travelling between partner institutes


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